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Oil press method process

Oil press method process


Oil press method process

Oil press method process, with the development of the legal system of oil extraction, oil pressing legal dwindling proportion. But oil is still the legal press has an irreplaceable role, plays a more important role in China's oil industry.

Now, the domestic and medium-sized oil refinery, including a number of small oil refineries oil extraction oil press method process uses mainly ZX . 18 type press (the original 200 press) and ZY . 24 type pre-press machine (that is the original 202-type pre-press machine). Some small refineries still use ZX .10 type press ( the original 95-type press) and ZQ .35 type hydraulic press (the original 90-type press). In order to improve the oil yield or improve permeability material embryo, domestic refineries mostly using a pre-pressed oil extraction processes.

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