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Hydraulic press

Hydraulic press


Hydraulic press

Hydraulic press is Pascal's hydraulics principle as the basis of design, in a closed cylinder, the piston high-pressure pump is small, through a liquid (oil) will be passed to the hydraulic pressure cylinder piston press on, and take advantage of differences between the two pistons diameter, resulting in a considerable total work force, the pressure can reach 230 tons.
Professional pressed sesame oil machine that can squeeze castor beans, sesame, walnut, sesame, almonds and other raw materials, each charging 6-8 kg, 8-10 minutes virgin net, squeezed out of the oil is filtered good absolutes, can be eaten directly.

Hydraulic press maintenance and repair needs NOTES:
First, we should always keep the cylinder piston surface clean, do not make it tainted dirt or grease.
Second, the hydraulic oil tank must be clarified within the non-hybrid. Impurity must be filtered to ensure unimpeded when the oil oiling. Hydraulic oil is generally used after a certain time, you must re-filtered or replaced with new oil.
Third, the pump pressure should not rush too fast, otherwise the impact will make the entire hydraulic system under pressure device and its accessories are easily damaged, thus affecting life. When the fuel tank back to the oil, too, must ease uniformly high pressure oil return to the tank to go.
Fourth, the hand press pump hand press a lever (also known as a handle) operation and can not be lengthened, can not swing around, so as not to damage the parts.
Fifth, the valve can not be demolished, but prohibited any regulation of its springs. If the oil pressure to bear more than the ability to make it, it will burst pipe bursting or cylinders and other accidents.
Sixth, always check the hydraulic press usage, especially for vulnerable parts is even more so. Such as cups, seals, ball, pump and piston and so on. If you find something to wear, affect safe operation, it should be repaired or replaced. General equipment should be subject to regular inspection, cleaning and repair work.
Seventh, when the device is not in use, it should be all cleaned. It should also be easy to rusty parts on greased and oiled paper or kraft paper wrap.

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