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Vacuum filter press

Vacuum filter press


Vacuum filter press

Vacuum filter press:
(one) structure: this series unit mainly by the automatic control part, micro electric heating pressing part, adjusting part, transmission part and a vacuum oil filter of five parts.
(two) the working principle: when the oil from the oil pan oil flows through the filter above, the vacuum pump the barrel in the air out, the barrel forms negative pressure, the oil through the filter cloth, is pumped into the barrel, and the oil was isolated in cloth top, then get is relatively clean oil.
A new series of vacuum filter press and normal press (cold press machine and steam grits thermal press) compared, has the following advantages:
1, a high rate of oil: about 3-6% higher than the ordinary oil press, feeding oil for 2 minutes, a squeeze net, and the ordinary machinery to press 2-3 times.
2, the oil flavor and color fragrance oil: oil business is very important, this machine is out of the oil flavor espresso, one hundred meters can smell its fragrance and color of the original, is far more than the ordinary oil press, and the foam can not afford, do not smoke, welcome to visit the tasting.
3, low energy consumption: the same yield reducing electric power of about 40%, with an average per hour calculation power-saving 5 degrees (because it again squeeze net, so energy), daily production can save electricity costs 50 yuan, the motor power than ordinary oil power small also.

4, labor: for automatic temperature control, automatic heating, saving 50% people the same output, 1-2 can produce about 30 yuan of above, day labor.
5, the durable reliability: new vacuum press squeezer for high hardness steel (20 chromium manganese titanium) after carburizing and quenching or high frequency quenching and become, with high hardness, wear resistance, high strength, long time to adapt to high temperature and high pressure pressing. Shell pressing chamber full of steel, chrome plating, bright flash, vintage press shell for pig iron casting, surface spray, heavy not significant health.
6, oily clean: negative pressure vacuum filtration residue, guarantee oil pure health.
7, wide use: fit everything in oil crops.
8, high content of science and technology: micro electric device, automatic heating, automatic temperature control, automatic power-off darwen, adopt the advanced a row of oil line design, high precision, slag leakage and old-fashioned press compared to the less, multistage propulsion, multistage press, oil rate.
9, it covers an area of only 10-20 square to the production, the original workshop, equipment is pallet, the operation of heavy, covers an area of large, oil yield is low, poor sanitation, high energy consumption, heat preservation conditions demanding. 10, after-sales service: user after purchase, my factory technical personnel free site installation commissioning, long-term supply need to debug, 1 years of free warranty.

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