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Physical refining process

Physical refining process


Physical refining process

Oil physical refining process consists of two parts, namely oil pretreatment and distillation of MAO acid.Preprocessing including hair oil removing impurity (refers to the mechanical impurities, such as bread slag, sand and grass clippings, etc.), degumming, including phospholipids and other adhesive material, etc.), decoloring three processes.

Through pretreatment, make hair oil in distillation deacidifying process conditions of pretreatment of oil, which is the precondition of physical refining, if pretreatment is not good, can make distillation acid could not be, or not qualified products.Distillation acid mainly include oil heating, cooling, distillation and fatty acid recycling process.
Physical refining process is as follows: physical refining the use of main equipment in the machine, filter, degumming cans, decoloring pot, heat transfer oil tank, oil tank heating, distillation, acid tank, wax fat acid condenser and vacuum devices, etc.

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