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Solvent recovery

Solvent recovery


Solvent recovery

Solvent recovery:
(1) Classification and principles of solvent recovery
Solvent into solvent recovery steam recovery, the water from the solvent recovery, solvent recovery in the exhaust gas, wherein the solvent vapor recovery is the use of a condenser cooling constantly saturated solvent vapor into a liquid for recycling. Water trap device is the use of solvent recovery and solvent and water of different density and for recycling exhaust gas is to use solvent recovery absorption refrigerating equipment and the paraffin separation.

(2) solvent recovery equipment
A. Tube condenser: You can use solvent vapor recovery. Into carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel tube Lv condenser, imported from solvent vapors, shell, tube sheet, tube, cooling water inlet, coolant outlet, free gas pipe, baffle plates. At work, take the shell solvent vapor, water walking tube, the use of baffles to increase the contact time of solvent vapors and cooling water pipes and achieve better cooling effect.
B. Sub tank: Available condensate containing solvent recovery, and its structure is mainly into the tube from the mixture solvent outlet, outlet, inlet pipe, water pipe, partitions, level gauges, free gas pipe. Can keep the water free of solvent, solvent-free or less moisture watershed, and in order to ensure that the water does not contain solvents, water will be discharged wastewater after cooking emissions.
C. Exhaust gas recycling technology and equipment: gas recovery system consists of the absorber, the rich oil pump, paraffin vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, heaters, analytical column, depleted oil pump, exhaust pipes, mineral oil storage tanks and other components. When the work extracted by the last condenser free gas into the absorber bottom, and from the injected liquid paraffin countercurrently contacted to absorb, the absorption solvent by a mixture pumped to the heat exchanger was heated to 80 ℃, and then after the rich oil heater was heated to 110 ℃ -120 ℃, the vapor then enters into the indirect heat and direct steam stripping vapor-liquid separation analytical column, gas condensate recovery, recycling after use lean oil cooling. Absorber absorption of the oil-rich solvent containing 5% concentration, analytical column containing dissolved concentration of 0.5% parsed. Usually about 90 percent recovery rate.

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