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Castor seed
Time:2014-10-18 13:47:44

Castor seed contains a lot of oil, accounting for about 50%, while the seeds of oil amounted to 58-75%, so the castor seed is mainly used for oil extraction. Castor oil of high viscosity, specific gravity, viscosity variation with temperature is not significant, and not easily oxidized in the atmosphere, it will not solidify at low temperatures, the ability of 500 ℃ high temperature surface does not change, so do the advanced lubricants raw materials. Is ideal for lubricating aircraft and high-speed machinery. It is soluble in alcohol, but insoluble in cold petroleum ether.

In medicine used as laxatives; castor meal can sericulture and green fodder for the cows. After concentrated sulfuric acid castor oil obtained sulfonated oils, commonly known as oil, is commonly used in the textile industry emulsifier. After dehydration of castor oil can be transformed into conjugated acid, with dry, you can use instead of tung oil. Lots of castor oil to post-processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing for mature oil, special varnishes and enamels purposes. Castor oil using nitrous acid treatment becomes solid compound - glycerol esters three anti-ricin.
Castor fiber rods skin is tough, can be prepared ropes and sacks. Castor oil can be used in the chemical industry and soap, explosives, paints, inks, plastics and synthetic rubber and other raw materials. Therefore, it is called "oil king", "renewable petroleum resources."

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