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High yield planting method of castor with structure in arid area
Time:2016-10-19 10:25:10

Castor bean  is commonly known as the fruit of seed, castor oil, castor oil crops. As tall annuals, in tropical or southern regions usually perennial shrubs or small trees.


October 13th, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Institute of ecology and geography, deputy researcher Zhao Zhenyong and other researchers invented a dry area of the structure of the high yield of castor bean plant was authorized by the national invention patent

The invention relates to a layer structure in arid area planting castor method, this method combines the biological characteristics of castor, "a film with three line" drip irrigation cultivation mode, through varieties collocation and assisted with height, pruning, control measures, construction of high layer type structure of castor long height rows the arrangement, improve the pollination environment, leaf area index and increase the photosynthetic productivity, achieve the high yield of castor.

The method overcomes the adverse effects on the yield of castor oil, which is bad for the long-term pollination environment, and also improves the photosynthetic capacity of the castor bean plant, and has good directive function to the high yield cultivation in the arid area.


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