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Degumming process

Degumming process


Degumming process

Degumming process, crude oil belonging to the colloidal system. And the impact of castor oil refining and deep processing technology results. Prepared in advance was added immediately above 80 ℃, 4% of the weight of oil in water, wherein the phospholipid would make the emulsion, proteins, mucus quality, and glycosyl diglyceride in the alkali refining process of oils and fats such as medium-insoluble impurities affect not only the grease fat gum ,, difficult to increase the operating stability, increased consumption and the consumption of the refining aid, reducing bleaching effect. Not degummed crude oil can not be physical refining and deodorization operation. Therefore, you must first be refined crude oil degumming process for removing glue insoluble impurities.

When using castor oil degumming is super degumming process. The edge of the crude oil feed is heated, stirring was stopped and the still 120 minutes, was added when the temperature reached about 80 ℃ 1 ‰ of the heavy oil of 85% phosphoric acid was stirred for 5 minutes after mixing, after the discharge of oil into the next step of the foot.

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