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Oil steamed fried

Oil steamed fried


Oil steamed fried

Oil steamed fried refers born after embryo moist, heated, steamed and fried embryo embryo and other treatment, so that the occurrence of certain physical and chemical changes, and make structural changes in internal transformation process of mature embryos.
Fuel oil steaming and roasting process is one important step. Because steaming and roasting can make use of the role of moisture and temperature, so that the internal structure of the oil change significantly, such as cell further damage, coagulation protein denaturation, segregation and binding of phospholipids, and these changes not only in favor of oil from oil more easily separated, but also help improve the quality of crude oil. So, steaming and roasting results good or bad, for the smooth conduct of the oil production process, the level and quality of oil, oil meal rates have a direct impact.

Layer of steaming wok main oil feed embryos after five layers steaming wok processing, the material moisture and temperature to be controlled better.
Press on steaming wok, fry the embryo after its water and oil temperature, typically called into juice and juice into the water temperature.

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